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Making Smart Choices in Relationships

10 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

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10 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship
Healthy Relationship Questionnaire
Teen Relationship Statistics
Violent and Non Violent Relationships


  1. Respect:  the awareness of each other's boundaries and the need for personal space and vulnerabilities.


  1. Equality: treating each other as equal human beings


  1. Honesty:  Mutual trust, openness, and understanding are the key contributors to a healthy honest relationship


  1. Trust: the ability to confide in each other openly, knowing that their confidences will be respected.


  1. Security:  strong enough to absorb conflict and anger, each knowing they can express their feelings honestly


  1. Communication:  the ability to speak about what they feel, need or desire openly together without much hesitation


  1. Laughter:  humour keeps everything in perspective


  1. Support:  continually offer each other encouragement, comfort and acceptance.


  1. Physical Affection:  sexual desire may fluctuate through a long-term relationship; a healthy one will retain some physical connection.


  1. Togetherness:  able to create a sense of both intimacy and autonomy and enjoying each other interests

Healthy or unhealthy?